My 2016 BAC Experience

My fiancée (Carly) and I went to BAC this year, and man did we have a blast. I already can not wait for next year. Where I hope my yoyo skills and camera skills get better. So I have to warn you all before watching this. I am not very good using a go pro and not knowing fully what it can see like most people can. I did my best to put together over an hour and half of footage down to ten minutes. So I apologize in advance for all the horrible camera angles and the it was put together. I promise next year I will do so much better. Hopefully as time go on I will get better at recording and putting together clips to make a video. Anyways. Please enjoy.


Great Videos Colby!! Now I regret not making the trip.
That looked like a lot of fun!

that was fun! thanks for sharing

I appreciate the kind words guys, Hopefully I will get better at doing this as time goes on.

9 dragons…yup, my first time getting on stage and trying my hand at competition even at a basic level (best trick)…good times, got a long ways away til the next BAC…it came and it went before I could blink an eye.

Sweet videos. Thx for sharing!