Your BAC Experience

What’d ya do at BAC? Post it here

At the BAC I hung out With Some buds and got way to many yoyos… I got to meet many awesome people. It was a great experience and I cant wait till Nationals this year

At BAC, I talked with Ann Connolly for a bit. Hung out with Paul Dang and got some cool stuff from him. Hung out with Paul Kerbel and Luis Villasenor some more (even though I was hanging with them all week). Watched Gentry Stein practice his routine and he took a bunch of pictures with me because of my awesome Super G phone case. :smiley: Um…what else. I practiced my prelim routine for about an hour and ended up messing it up when it was the real thing. Checked out the vendor booths and didn’t buy as much as I thought I would.

I tried so many throws its crazy. I met Guy Wright, super cool guy, basically inspired me to yoyo for the rest of my life.

That’s awesome. Guy Wright is one of my yoyo heroes. I wonder what he’s throwing at competitions? Anybody happen to notice?

Probably an Amplifier, I wasn’t there but I do know he has been favoring that throw lately.

Oh he told me in the hot dog line. It’s a purply looking SPYY Amplifier that he threw at BAC, I don’t know about others.

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I ran sound for finals/main stage.

I did tech support for prelims.

I did a lot of pre-show configuration to ease myself for show day.

I tried a few throws, I met a few people, I also let people try a lot of stuff, and I got 3 new yoyos. Got to hang with JD, Andre, Paul Escolar and others. Got an autographed Paul Escolar Legends card!

And then when the event was done, loaded it back into the truck and drove home. My back and neck are killing me and I can’t wait to do it all over again! I’ll gladly take pain when it is associated with having done a fantastic show.

Oh man I feel so bad, I forgot to let you try the DM1. Crap.

No worries. I’m happy I got to try the Theory. Way nice.

On and at events, I’m very focused on the task at hand, so I don’t worry about anything except the show. I hope the Case of Wonders didn’t overwhelm you! I also still had 3 other cases you didn’t even see, such as the YYF, Duncan and “misc” case.

We’ll cross paths at the next Fellowship Of the Strings meet if I can make it.

The Case of YoYoJam made me cry :’) so beautiful! I loved all the throws I tried!

Got a feature in aegYocrew’s video :slight_smile:

At 1:07 :slight_smile:

WOW You’re good!


Coming from you, that means alot :3 :slight_smile:

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Were you the dude throwing a Theory at Cal States?

I was mainly throwing the Diamondback, but yeah I was also throwing the Theory for quite sometime, I also competed with it. I also had a H3X hanging of my Unknown Descender Yoyo Holster in a YoYoExpert Contest shirt.

I think I saw you. You blew my mind:P

Thanks :slight_smile: glad to hear I’m pleasing a crowd. (A crowd of 2 :P)

I ran sound for 1A Prelims and was busy most of the contest. Next year I want to be able to hang out and throw some more.

Hopefully I’ll have more of my regular crew and you can work shifts better.

Finals Stage wasn’t as intense this year. I forgot to play the music beds I created through. Oops!