BAC thank you note


I went to the BAC yesterday in San Fransisco, and I have to say, I was nervous. I thought it was like a skateboarding competition, everyone is your enemy, everyone is better than you and you have to be better than everyone. But I was wrong. I mingled with pros for most of the day. Paul Dang dinged my Capital Serum because my string was too long, and we laughed about it and he gave me some pointers to correct my ever failing chopsticks mount. Jensen Kimmitt drew an awesome picture in my autograph book for my son, and when he saw him he almost seemed to melt at all his cuteness. André Boulay was amazing, as always, signing things and taking pictures with my family. And it wasn’t just the pros, everyone there was awesome! So supportive and kind.

I have been determined to make a place and name for myself in the world of yoyoing and I sometimes get discouraged because I’m not as good as most of you and definitely not as good as the pros. But going to my first contest really rekindled that spirit and drive to accomplish and achieve a status in this industry, and more importantly, community. I loved yoyoing the first time I threw a Duncan butterfly. And I love it more and more every day. Going to the BAC really showed me what an amazing thing this really is.

Thank you so very much to Paul Dang for being awesome and talking to me, helping me out and dinging my favorite throw lol. And thanks to Jensen Kimmitt for being wonderfully weird and making my son laugh. Thank you to Ernest Kahn for evading me trying to get your autograph until the last minute, and being so nice. Thank you to André Boulay for being such an amazing guy and giving me the time of day, several times. Thank you to Tyler Severance for not being mad that I interrupted your warm up to sign three cards lol. Thank you to Paul Han for being so cool and for going to find Ann Connolly for us. Thank you Ann Connolly for actually coming over lol. Thank you to JD for signing my son’s book and making this contest happen. Thank you Everyone in the community for being who and what you are, and for welcoming me like I was already here from years before.

(Owen) #2

Thats what I like about yoyo competitions, even your rivals are your pals.


Did you stay to the end? I left before the end and don’t know results. Who won each division?


Anthony rojas won 1a
2a Joseph Harris
3a Eric Tran- Ton
4a Zac Rubino
5a Chase Baxter- awesome freestyle btw!


You sound like you had too much fun.


Sorry for voicing my love for this hobby and appreciation for the supportive nature of everyone in it, I guess lol


I love how everyone is not stuck up and like he said, acting like they think your a loser. It’s just like, hey look, _____ is talking to Jensen. My brother, who likes to ride bikes, was surprised when we went to nationals because all the pros are super nice and people are not freaking out like “GUYS, I TOUCHED ZACH GORMLYS SHIRT” it’s just like, “yeah, I was talking to zach and he gave me some pointers.” Haha, I love it.


It was cool to meet you dude!