2015 BAC is over.

So the 2015 BAC is over. I had a blast and a great time hanging out with everyone. My fiance and I won two of the raffle drawings and won a kedema and a metal yoyo. Had an awesome time meeting Andre and Eric at the YYE booth and being able to talk to them was just awesome. Can’t wait for the next California competition. I recorded mostly everyone and even the award ceremony. I also bought some kitty and ammo string. An offstring yoyo, a metal yoyo, and 2 t-shirts. Plus winning another yoyo and a kedema. So all In all, it was an awesome day!! How about you guys? Of those who went, what did you enjoy the most. And for those who went, how was the BAC for you? And those who didn’t go… You missed out on an amazing event

It was an amazing contest, insane how many crazy good people competed.

Freakin crazy results tho

I know right. I did the best I could at recording everyone, but I believe BAC will have em uploaded by tonight or tomorrow. Man, what an awesome day today.

Hmph. I find it unsettling that the score of first place was only 79 points.

I kinda expected Ky to get a 60 again not a 33…

Even on person from this forum competed I’m not talking about erik I think it was mazdarx forum name.


You can say that again. San Francisco is a pretty windy city. Being next to the ocean and all. Everyone did their best and hopefully had a great time. And that all that matters right?

yep! It was great fun, I did better than I expected but still a LONG LONG way to go. :smiley:

^^^^^ what’s your name I don’t know where you are on that list?

I think judges are rightly being much more critical on their criteria scores.

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I think I hung out with you for a bit at the pre party and a bit right before prelims. I was the guy who went like 5 spots before you in prelims who was throwing the yyf ti.

Ah, good.

People really need to step up the performance part of their performance. Tech is great-- it makes up 3/5 of the score, so it makes sense that people stress their technical evaluation more than their performance-- but getting a 60 isn’t going to get you first. Honestly, getting a 79 shouldn’t land you in first. I hope that some competitors read these results and see an opportunity to gain the upper hand over their non-performing counterparts.

Just think, if someone had gotten a near-perfect performance score (let’s say about 35 points) and only 40 points of tech, then they would have gotten themselves a nice silver trophy. Take notes, guys.


I wish Zach competed

bad news if I ever compete. I’d just stand there like a rock.

Anybody know when (if) the freestyles will be on YouTube? I’m eager to see them…

EDIT: I just found them, they haven’t been showing up in search results for some reason.

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I recorded mostly everyone from all divisions. It was on my cell phone, so not sure about quality. I was waiting for BAC to post em before I made a small video clip of everyone