My first video


hope you guys like it
comment and rate


nice man werent you at BLC this year?


Cool vid!


I am really impressed. Your tricks follow and there was good editing.


(202andrew) #5

Great video!


Thanks guys and to answer buddhafusion yes I was at BLC this year. That was a fun contest ;D


How long have you been yoyoing? :slight_smile:


little under a year and a half


great yoyoing, and the editing took my breath away. Great video!


the tricks you did on the train i liked alot :slight_smile:


can’t see your video -*-


I liked pretty much all of it, but I didn’t (dislike) the the trick to music choreography, but I didn’t love it either. But the tricks were great and mad props to the editer.


That was a great vid! ;D I would like to see more from you in the future! :smiley:


Thanks again for all the comments ;D ;D ;D


Good man