To 1 Year!

My first ever official video.

Edit: I should probably give you guys the link…

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Is the title implying that you just finished 1 year of yoyoing? Could that be possible? Nice video.

Yes sir! Thanks you! I can’t take credit to all tricks though, the 3rd one (I think it’s the third) is called whim and it the only one not mine.

Nice man! My 1st full year will be next month!


Dang. I might need to prepare myself for when i face you or Finch

Okay, that’s really good for 1 year.

You have amazing skill. But for 1 year…that’s crazy awesome!

Thanks you guys! Means a lot :slight_smile:

Bump! Any comments? Criticism?

that’s impressive for a year, you’ve got some nice flow. should be an interesting first round.

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Should be an interesting 2nd round too

Thanks man. I’m interested to see where the battle takes me.

Dope stuff.

I don’t like you. JK

Your video was pretty cool, maybe the editing could have been more over the top. I found it a bit refreshing that you let some mistakes show. My first year video will be up in a month. Doubt it’ll be as good as yours. Extremely talented.

Thanks! Most of my mistakes are hard to avoid with the wind I had going that day. It wasn’t likely for me to land most of those tricks perfectly. And I’m no editing wiz, I just used iMovie. You vid will probably turn out great though! Good luck!

Well I’ll be a squirrel in a skirt, that was awesome! 1 year or not. U gave me something to strive for man. Keep it up!

Thanks you so much! I have been practicing like crazy since we had yoyo club in the area. I think that is why I keep motivated to be better.