Yosemite - One Throw


I went to Yosemite and made this.

Tropic Spins Shipwreck
Epic Strings Chubby Unicorns
Nikon D5100

Wow great tricks dude. Awesome video.


Sick video! Nice editing too.

This wasn’t luck, It was destined…
-Big Sean

Great video.

Awesome work, Logan!

Dang dude you are really good! how long have you been yoyoing?

Wow. Your so unbelievably good. Makes me sad to see how far I’ve fallen behind.

Like 4 years.

You’re getting good at cubing!

That’s kind of why I suck at yoyoing now. I haven’t really practiced in months.

Wow you did one throw, did some tricks then moved to a different location without rethrowing, then moved again with the yoyo still spinning and did some more tricks!!! you must have one powerful throw. lol



Nice video Logan

I wish I yoyoed when I wen to Yosemite with my family years ago. That place has some great yoyo video scenary

That was awesome. Nice quality video, with nice quality tricks, and cool points for filming in the snow haha. Great stuff man