Logi's first video!

Seven months after I got a proyo, I’m doing this.

Dude, nice video!! I thought it was pretty good! Keep at it! You will go far!!!

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keep it up!

I will!

tricks weren’t bad, but something you should work on is smoothness. For 7 months, your smoothness wasn’t on par with what i have seen.

Awesome job Logi. Keep it up!

Thanks for the tip!


Thanks to my big brother, who edited and did the music I have these songs.
Songs are My Pink Reptile Party mixed by Maluu and Syndicate (Remix) (Ver 2) by Skrillex.

Awesome video! I’ve been throwing for more than 3 years and still can’t do some of those things.

I think he’s doing really well for 7 months. Words like “on par” aren’t really suited to our hobby. It’s not about being better or as good as other people (unless you’re competing, but from the looks of it, this kid is, for now at least, throwing for the fun of it), as much as it’s about challenging yourself, and having fun.


I concur. I thought that comment was kinda rude personally. :frowning:
Logi; awesome video. Better than I was at 7 months I think! I would be interested to see future videos from ya. Your progressing fast!

Really? His “smoothness” was not on “par” for a player at 7 months. Really?!? Really?!?

I thought his video exhibited very accomplished skill. I am very impressed and would love it if Logi and I could get together so he teach me a thing or 67. IMHO he displays excellent skill and performance level for someone who just started in January. He’s a lot better’n me I tell you that.

But he is right, I do need to work on my smoothness!

I hate it when people judge skill by time yoyoing. I HATE it.

Nice video! The only thing was I couldn’t see the string. Also, was that the Protostar I traded you? Just wondering.

Yes it is ;D

And so is the g5 and the fiesta xx

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