on the Eve of my first month


well now its the day of my first month of yo-yoing, but I filmed this yesterday.

I was stressed out because Mi wanted me to film it and I had an assignment to do, plus I’m really camera shy.

I can do better… I’ll make another one this weekend and post it here :slight_smile:


(Mi) #2

This is crazy for one month.


thanks ^^


Your completely insanely good for 1 month. Wow, I have some friends that have been yoyoing for 1 year, and their not nearly as good as you, incredible, just incredible. I was probably that good at my like 4 month point. Amazing, not lying. :wink:

(DanielBG) #5

wow for just 1 mont u rule :wink:

(laxdude99) #6

Nice vid


Wow really thanks everyone :3