2 topics should be allowed

I think that in the buy sell trade people should be allowed more than 1 thread. Many times I have had a bst and wanted to post another thread of all my wants along with my bst. Most the time wants are in the bst title but sometimes people can’t fit their wants in the title. For example someone might have a title saying : galactic goose, Skywalker, leviathan 2. In the bst he puts that he wants a gelada because he cannot fit anything else in the title. Someone who has a gelada for sale or trade sees this thread and doesn’t click on it because he isn’t interested in the yoyos. This rule stops a possible deal from taking place. You should be allowed 2 threads in the bst, one for wants and one for a bst.

Simply put your wants in with you BST, not hard.


I think we should all just make the title shorter. That’s what I do.

2 threads a person will be too hectic.

I think what works better is for 1 thread per person.

Here’s a guideline:
Use a decent title. Do feel free to list items in the subject that may help bring eyeballs to the thread
List wants first.
List trade only items, with photos.
List trade/for sale items, with photos AND asking prices
List for sale only items, with photos AND asking prices.

Links to Ebay sales are OK, as it’s been said so. Just be clear about it.

If linking to photo sharing sites, LABEL your pictures.

Trim bumps. If your bumps are going past Page 1, you need to remove older bumps. Bump cascades are also annoying.

If you must split things up, keep it within one thread.
Put for sale in 1 message
Trades in another message
trades/sale in another message.

That should be sufficient. Keep your postings timely and accurate.