What if along w the regular BST we have a TRADE ONLY subforum?

I don’t like buying and selling, I hate PayPal. I don’t like buying things or selling things online unless it’s a really good deal but there are still a lot of yoyo s that I haven’t had the pleasure of throwing.

A trade only thread would be where people are looking to get new throws, trade, maybe find some good deals then resell, who knows.

I am so tired of 95% of the threads that have good stuff priced $100+ say"No trades unless you have that confetti puffin from run 3 along with a lawbreakers deadly spins pride and then even if you have both and they assume mint, then they still say “there’s a $40 difference” or whatever "

The people w the high end stuff are so picky w the trades it’s almost impossible to find a good tradd.

I think we should have yoyo s we are willing to trade, maybe give it a dollar value and say what dollar value Xs throw is worth ect, whatsver. Anyways I am just thinking it would help a lot of people.

  1. The people who only want $ but keep getting trade offers

  2. The people like me who like to collect and the means of doing it is by trading, I don’t have a good job I have to look for good deals.

  3. If there is something on the trade thread and the person offers them cash on the spot to get it right away that s fine so you can “outright buy” but you can’t list an outright buy price o r post on BST.

This is for If you only wanna trade, if you have 1 picky trade but mostly want $ go to bst, but if there is a mint wolverine Puffin she will only take for her Draupnir Overdrive then that’s under TRADES.

Another Reason: I want to collect more ILYY s, I won’t even waste my time asking the people mainly looking to sell to hook up a trade, there we go back got it.

Also the yoyo economy second hand might change, I don’t think it’s gonna cross the money boundary of hardly at all.

If ILYY s Candyblast now is 1:1 trade for CLYW they will retain their price bc most people just want to trade.

Would be an amazing way for people to upgrade and get that first bimetal while the other guy makes a few bucks, let’s say 25% selling all the power and yoyos.

So sick of No one wanting to trade, I get it, I can sell mine too but I would rather trade, get a good deal raise my value ect.

Anyways what do you guys think?

I think it’s a waste of a sub forum. If someone wanted trades they’d say so already, this wouldn’t really open up more possibilities to obtaining rarer throws. I see no reason why you can’t just sell some of the stuff you don’t want and then buy stuff you do. Virtually the same as trading just a little bit longer of a process. Having that sub forum won’t stop people from bothering sellers only, those people can’t read in the first place. I also don’t see how this would help your personal desire to trade up. Most people probably have their own specific wants. It’s as simple as this, if you have something people want, you’ll be able to sell or trade it, if you don’t have something people want, you’ll have a hard time doing either, and the presence of this extra sub forum will not change this.


LOL so it’ll be called the BS sub :rofl:



You can still trade in BST, but trade would be more geared to people accepting trades in fact they only want to accept trades.

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How about instead of buying and selling (which I know you hate), you simply trade the yoyos you have for “money” then trade that “money” for the yoyo you want? I’ve seen this concept work really well in other places like retail shops and grocery stores.

Joking aside, I’m so confused because your argument is basically…

  1. the yoyos you want cost more money than you have (or are willing to pay)
  2. the seller doesn’t want to trade their yoyo for your yoyo; they want money or a yoyo you don’t currently own.

So… explain again (in as few words as possible) how a “trading only” forum solves your dilemma. Specifically focus on the “magic part” where you somehow get a better “deal” through only trading as I found that concept fascinating.


Just curious on why they shouldn’t be picky?


I can understand where you’re coming from though and why you’re frustrated :frowning:.


We could carry it a bit further…
We could maybe make a separate sub forum for plastic, aluminum, titanium and wood fixies. That way I don’t have to wade through all of that other stuff when I’m looking for wood fixies. :upside_down_face:

Actually I think the current setup serves people’s needs adequately and such a change as suggested is not warranted. :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

(Non official opinion)


Trading is definitely a lot more fraught with problems and difficulties by nature, but I’m not sure a subcategory is gonna really address that?


quality of presentation can help with the success of your trades. i’ll be honest, i’ve clicked on your bst and immediately clicked away b/c it kinda looked like a scammer post. the pic was… rough, no disrespect man.


Unfortunate truth is that rare throws will require rare throws to acquire. I see a lot of BST threads with common items wanting to trade for rare items. That is not something that happens, and when it does, it is usually because someone does not realize what they have.


There is a yoyo trading only Facebook group lots of sale posts on there lol. :joy: I feel like a subcategory would see the same thing.

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tl;dr - this idea is bad.



The only way a trade only subforum would work is if there was a buy only and sell only forum as well.

You could even go further and have a buy/sell, buy/trade, and sell/trade subforums. These subforums, while increasing organization and allowing people to get their personal preferences on how they want to do commerce, deadens and removes traffic from the main forum. Because the traffic already is much smaller than say reddit, or most other large social media sites, lowering traffic is a really bad idea. Here is why; Lets say you have rare yoyo A and want yoyo Z. You only like trades, so you only go to trade subforum. Someone else who likes to sell or trade (who only really goes to that subforum) wants a yoyo A and has a yoyo Z. Opportunity missed for both of you to get what you want.

If there was anything to help you in this manner, the easiest thing is to aim to get the mods to enforce different title rules (I don’t know what they are if any, so they might already do this). Something like “you have to put in the title if you want to buy, sell, trade, or any combination thereof”.

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You can be picky, I am picky at some things too but 100% anal no slack no give, idk I just would rather have someone be chill about things.

Like my 7075 Saskatoon Blizzard Chief MWB, since it’s 1/15 and I doubt I’ll see another Mint and this is my smoothest throw, I would part with it for $280 or $300 in very nice trades.

But if someone says mint and there is a pinprick after you look through a microscope cmon.

ESP: ILYY Candy Blast, it’s not durable at all. Very easy to get a prick or two shipping monster how protected.

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