Trade Section Getting Out of Hand?

I believe that the trade section is getting a little out of hand. Instead of trading yoyos, we are now trading electronics for yoyos or even money. Some are even so bold as to trading for the electronics by trading yoyos. Shouldn’t the trade forum be for yoyos? Not electronics? If this can’t happen I suggest that the yoyos are the items that are desired and the electronics could be at least a trading item for the yoyo desired. However, I dislike the fact of adding electronics to the trade whatsoever. If you want an electronic item, why wouldn’t you go to an electronics website.

Sorry if I offended anyone in this post.

Not really, It is a B/S/T. I think we should have a Non-YoYo BST or something…

True. But if there was a non-yoyo trade, then that would defeat the purpose of keeping this yoyoing. Also, theres other places for that type of trades. Its not needed in a yoyo community and B/S/T is buy sell trade so buying and selling is monentary and trade, well shouldn’t it be yoyos?

will most of them are stuff for yoyos mostly

I personally would rather just leave the electronics out of it.

you don’t have to be part of it then

sorry if it sounded rude

It’s fine. :wink: Just expressing my opinion.

Trading electronics is not that bad. If you see every post in the BST where electronics are included, yoyos are included as well. The BST is for buy/sell/trade. And I think that this is not going out of hand until people are trading electronics for pets. As long as yoyos are included in a trade, the trade can be done on a yoyo forum.

Addment: I think it’s great that we have a forum where you can trade, but in my country and in my familiy that I was raised in, I think that trades should include yoyos. (points for reference)

Looking for a specific yo-yo or want to trade something you have? This is the place to do it.

I dont think its getting out of hand. In fact, I think it was also meant to hold NYYR stuff.