BST rule update - Please read

Please note the change to rule #8 on the BST rules.

You are allowed only one BST thread. This one thread may include whatever combination of buying, selling, trading, looking for, etc. that you choose, but you may have only one thread at a time.

BST rules:,1529.0.html

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i like how it says “Most Awesome” underneath your screen-name

It’s because he is!

Yeh I noticed that awhile back. That’s awesome.


That’s very kind, Icthus, regardless of whether it’s true or not. :slight_smile:

Can you guys change anyone’s rank?
Hint hint

Yes, they can.

If you’re special.

I wish mine said:

Master Commander.

But, oh well.

Yeah…mine would say: yoyo god. Give free Yoyos.

Lol, we should get back on topic.

Makes sense to have one B/S/T.

It’s kind of annoying to have to look for the wants or haves.

thank you for making this rule i hate it when people have like seven bst threads and they are all the same

btw icthus your sig makes me laugh every time i see it