B/S/T Bumping

So I am thinking that only the OP should be able to “bump” their B/S/T.

If there was a program that would only allow the OP to do that it would keep us from having “useless” bump’s

I know it’s in the rules but it happens all the time…


Yes. The same concept should apply to manufacturer’s threads, if the OP chooses. I know YoyoFactoryBen just had an issue with useless rhetoric in his manufacturer thread. It would be better for the OP to select an option where only they can bump the thread, no one else. It would apply to BST and manufacturer’s threads (when desired). Of course, this is software permitting.

It would also be nice, very nice, if you couldn’t post without pics…dream…dream…dream.

Well, I knew of one way, but I guess it no longer works. Before, you could lock your own topic on BST. Then you could unlock it, bump, then lock it again. I see that feature of this forum has now been removed.

I was gone for a year, and during that time, locking threads was taken away… why? It was a really nice feature and saved mods lots of work.

It was somehow abused in the BST section lol, just like removing posts and moving topics.

I lock my thread in BST, then when I’m gonna bump, I unlock and re-lock the thread with the bump posting. The only drawback to this is it takes extra steps and you have to remember to re-lock the thread.

how are they useless? It bumps your thread, so I don’t see why people complain. I wish ppl bumped my thread, even though I say not to because its against the rules.

That is one reason, you want your thread within the rules on YoyoExpert. You are only allowed to bump the thread once per day. People have a strategy for bumps. I personally like to bump my thread at night, when the adults are on, and there are more people logged in. If I bump during the day, I feel like my thread is less visible to the demographic I want to reach. If someone bumps my thread in the morning, I cannot do it again that night, at a time when I would prefer to do so. That is the reason. First of all, you are trying to stay within the rules, and second, it is up to the OP to determine when they want their thread “bumped” to the top of the BST list. The OP should determine what day, and what time of day they want it to happen. There are people with strategies on here, and I’m one of them. If someone bumps my thread, they may have messed up my visibility for the whole day. If they bump in the morning, by the time night comes, and the adults are on, I’m on page 2 somewhere. With only one bump a day allowed, I would have to put up with their bump until the next day. They think they are helping, but they are not. Even if a mod could fix it, I’d have to go through the effort to have it done, and I would not want to have to go through the trouble.

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Totalartist, I see you have the science of bumping down.

I too like to bump my video threads when more traffic is going on and more people are online, but not by simply going out and saying “bump”, but by quoting someone who has said something about my video and thanking them in a creative way and then announcing about my yoyoing life and about my channel. Bumping is a science with importance equal to chemistry or biology… OK, maybe bumping is a more important science than Chemistry and Biology, you dont have to look at me like that :wink:

You’ve got the right idea Nemyo, same with generating and maintaining video traffic. Bumpology 101. I do the same with Ebay sales. I call it Listology 101. I noticed that if I list something at about 1pm on a Weekday, it is best, if the listing will end on a weekday too, same time. It gives the people on the East Coast a chance to play on their computers at work, online shopping after lunch (sneaking to do so) at 1pm, and the people on the West Coast who are hours behind, are at least at work and at their computers too. I want to sell to people on the east coast mostly though, cheaper to ship. If I list in the evening, I select a specific time, for similar reasons, trying to gauge when most people are home from work, relaxing, but still awake and using their computers. The time you list something is the time the auction will end, so the smart seller will pay attention to the specific day the auction will end, what time, and what people are likely to be doing at that time. You want to have the auction ending at a time when a lot of people are active on the site, as you are likely to generate more bids. More bids equals more money. It’s a whole science, but those are the basics. It’s not as complicated with the bumps, but that’s a similar idea. :wink:

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I didn’t think other people put that much thought into bumping their threads. I personally, do the same thing you do. I don’t know why on earth I thought I would be the only person who thought of this same strategy :smiley:

Great minds think alike… :smiley: It is funny isn’t it. I just typed that last post and thought boy, selling stuff is a bit too much on the brain. Making yo-yo money is important…sell some to buy more. ;D