general help

on the b/s/t page what does bump mean

It moves the thread to the top of the page so more people can see it. :slight_smile:

No, all posting does that.

Bump is an acronym for Bring Up My Post.

I knew all posting does that it is just that “bump” is meant exclusively for that purpose. Also, I forget what “bump” stood for. lol ;D

thanks but how do you bump

press reply and type bump

Yes, what he said. And it is reall only nessasary on the BST section of the forum if it is your thread. You can only bump once a day. :wink:

it also means its just bumping ur post to the top

You can do it on any thread even though it’s not a BST. And you can only bump your own thread. When somebody is not on for a while, you might be nice an say FREE BUMP. And yes, it stands for: Bring Up My Post.