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on the b/s/t page what does bump mean


It moves the thread to the top of the page so more people can see it. :slight_smile:


No, all posting does that.

Bump is an acronym for Bring Up My Post.


I knew all posting does that it is just that “bump” is meant exclusively for that purpose. Also, I forget what “bump” stood for. lol ;D


thanks but how do you bump


press reply and type bump

(Jamesofyoyo) #7

Yes, what he said. And it is reall only nessasary on the BST section of the forum if it is your thread. You can only bump once a day. :wink:


it also means its just bumping ur post to the top


You can do it on any thread even though it’s not a BST. And you can only bump your own thread. When somebody is not on for a while, you might be nice an say FREE BUMP. And yes, it stands for: Bring Up My Post.