Can someone please tell me what a bump is.
thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

post [b.u.m.p.]

what does that mean?

I think it’s:


It brings your post (usually bst thread) up to the top of the board so more people notice it right away.

When someone wants their topic to be higher in the fourms they bump it. Bumping is replying to the post and just saying bump.

How does it get moved higher on the forums. by how many bumps it has.

Each reply brings the post to the top of the post list.

When people do a bump a day, that post goes to the top, thus more views.


Most current thread as far as “most recent post”

one more question does this work only on the bst.

Nope, it works on every board. It’s like replying in a thread and the thread goes to the top of the board, only that you’re doing it yourself and bring your thread to the top of the board.

So it only works when the person that started the thread does it.

no, anyone posting in anythread makes it go to the top of that board.

all you doing is posting in your B/S/T. usually people don’t care if someone else’s post get seen, so they only bump their own. That’s why you usually only see bumps by the person who made that thread. your posting in it, but because you have nothing to say, you just say, BUMP. its an Acronym.

some people Bump their thread by saying things like; “YAY” “^” “BUMO” “TALIHO”

I never even thought of bump as an acronym. It’s just bumping it up to the top, as in the verb “to bump” or nudge or anything like that.

TTT is common (to the top), and usually I’ll just write “up”.

so does it matter if you say bump or not.

It doesn’t matter what you say, you just usually need to type something in the post box for the board to allow you to post.

So people just say bump or something familiar so everyone else who sees it will know why they posted.

Oh thanks everyone. i have a question not related to this. If you were paying someone in cash for a yoyo on the bst how would you send it to them?

Paypal is the best way since it can be done entirely from the computer, and offers some protection for the buyer and seller.

Alternatively, you could do a money order. That requires going to the post office and giving them cash at the window in return for a money order check, which can then be sent to the yoyo seller and cashed. This is better than just sending cash through the mail because it is more secure and requires identification from the seller. I don’t advise just sending cash or a check made out to cash through the mail, ever.

Ok thanks i just wanted to make sure.