what is bump?

people put on the buy/sell/trade/ forum bump sometimes what does that mean

It is an acronym for Bring Up My Post.

are you allowed to do it over and over

Because if there’s a post, then this thread goes to the top. Threads without any replies just keep going down. So thus, Bring Up

That depends on the forum its self some do not even tolerate bumping… Some only if you then add more than just the word “BUMP”

However for forums that do allow it. It usually falls under the no spamming rule in which doing it maybe once every 3-4 days to once a week maybe OK but if you doing it 2-3 times a day its definitely considered spamming and even once a day is considered bad manners for a bump…

If anyone knows of this forums specific rules regarding bumps please feel free to clarify…

Good rule of thumb: Do not bump, and if you feel you have to absolutely bump to get the post to be read do so sparingly. Also if you feel that you need to bump because no one is replying maybe you should use the chance to bump by going into more detail as to your question or idea so that people get a better idea or feel it is worth while to answer because they can fully comprehend your question to provide a good answer.