A Request for BST: Stop the endless bump cascades


I have nothing against BST.

I have nothing against bumping posts, as per the rules.

What I would like to suggest is that people clean up their BST threads. Seeing a few threads with 6 or more pages of “bump” is rather silly.

I’d say try to trim those up to keep the cascading to a minimum. This is especially true to the more habitual BST’ers who are constantly changing the listing post due to additions, sales and trades.

I don’t think this should be a policy or a rule, but more as a courtesy for people searching BST. I’m just thinking of marketing: The easier you make it for people to get right to the information you want them to see, the better chances of the results you are after.

(DOGS) #2

Saving the bumps records when they bumped it. Most users can’t delete their own posts, which ensures that you can’t get around the one bump per day rule. Sure, in an optimal scenario it’d be great to delete those bumps, but sometimes stupid behavior keeps the rest of us from having nice things.

Anyways, negating all that, if the BST thread is formatted correctly, the only post you should ever have to look at is the original post.

(WildCat23) #3

If you look at my BST, I post youtube videos and stuff.


I don’t know if this idea can be useful, but how about a button, that is only active once a day, and the OP of whichever BST thread, can only click it once, and then it’ll go inactive for 24 hours. what the button does basically is bump the thread all the way to the top.


I know that this is a huge change from what the rules are now for this forum, but on the forum that I currently use for my rc rock crawlers their bst is set up a bit different. They have a for sale section where you are allowed to post an ad 1 time every 15 days. No repeats and no bumps. Then they have a wanted section for trades or wanted items that can be bumped once a day. This really cuts down on the mess of bumps in the for sale section. It is a lot easier to process.


Text and pictures take a lot less time for me to deal with.

Even though I have broadband, my ISP is not reliable and it can take hours to get YouTube video sometimes.

(WildCat23) #7

No, they’re just bumps. Just random video’s on youtube.


Dem bumps, dey dont look like a cascade. Less organic and floaty, with sharp edges. And a spiked hub


^^^ True dat.