deleteing comments?

im not able to do so for some reason…

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Same here… I’d kind of like to be able to delete the occasional post of mine that doesn’t contribute anything/belongs elsewhere/etc.

I have removed that feature because there were people getting around the one bump per day in the bst using that feature. If you need a post deleted please ask a mod or admin to assist you. If you do ask please include a link to the post you want deleted.

You can thank the bst rule breakers for this inconveneince.


thanks guys… you suck

A work around might be to modify your post and make it blank, or edit it to say “please delete” or edit it to work with the conversation.

As always, it sounds like a few inconsiderate individuals ruin things for everyone.

A note to the BST people who were abusing this:
People will LOOK on BST for deals, so as long as it’s once a day, your items will be found. If people aren’t making offers, it just may be the people currently looking aren’t interested. Be patient!

When I search BST, I check for anything showing current activity in the past 5 days. I figure anything older than that, the seller/trader isn’t active enough for me to want to deal with

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You can’t leave it blank. Also don’t put please delete. We don’t want to have to search the forums all day for those posts. It’s easier to just report to moderator and say delete my post. We all get those emails so someone will see it and act on that request.


really badly

Weird, I still have the power to delete my posts in my thread in my bst. I actually just deleted a few posts so it would all be on one page. I don’t delete anything newer than a month though.

I too have the option and have been deleting the old bumps in my BST thread, perhaps it was the date of the thread’s creation taken into account? Is it possible to remove features on certain subforums, or are you stuck to removing them as a whole from the entire forum?

I really miss the option to recall a post. Thanks a lot guys.

I think that on your thread it is an option, on others it is not.

That would completely negate the point of removing the feature to delete your posts. It was removed so idiot children couldn’t exploit it and bump multiple times a day.

Same here

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That has gotten me out of so many fights!

i modify the comment and leave a period. or a smile face.

This is the best alternative to asking for your post to be deleted. Either way is fine.


That was totally me.