B/S/T bumping

Public Service Announcement:
Hey kids, there’s no need at all to bump other peoples B/S/T topics. They are perfectly capable of doing it themselves if need be. So keep the “Free Bumps” to yerself…


bumping this for a good guy and to keep it towards the top.

I know… I’m so obnoxious sometimes ;D

OMG I have SOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to say this!!! hehe THANK YOU!!!

LIKE 10000000% Thank You!!!

Yes, so much yes. It was quite frustrating having the 200 post a day 14 year old secret decoder ring/hand shake/password brigade constantly keeping each other’s BSTs on the top of page. I had actually considered clicking “report” for some of the habitual ones but decided that it was far too curmudgeony

Bippity boppity, thumpity, rumpity bump.

Add lump…stir thoroughly.

To dissolve clumps.

And avoid clogging pump.

Up Timba, up ^^^^^^

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Free bump! xP

Thank you for this!

Free bump