B/S/T forum?

I was wondering… is it okay to post more than one thread on b/s/t?
I am asking this since there is just so many thread made by same people and it is not being locked or deleted

yeah but just cant be the same exact thing

Sub-rule B under rule seven of the Buy / Sell / Trade RULES states that:

[quote=YoYoExpert]- Sellers must combine their Ads and cannot post new Ads unless their previous Ad is Closed or deleted.
It is against the rules to have more than one active B/S/T thread. The only problem is the sheer number of threads there. Policing the B/S/T would be a serious investment of time. If you see a problem topic report it to the moderators by using the button in the lower right portion of the offending post. That allows them to easily spot and fix such issues.