2 throws

im buying two more throws soon 1 is either the 888x or hatrick and the other is either the wooly marmot or the bassalope

gimme ur opinions on what i should do
thxs in advanced


In my opinion it’s a tie between the Wooly Marmot and the 888x.

888x all the way. Wooly Marmot

Hatrick and Bassalope

Hatrick and Marmot

hatrick and marmot

i got all of those except wooly marmot so this is what u should do get hatrick and bassalope in my opinion. the reason no 888x is that my kinda spins out easy and so does my friends mine has absolutly no scratches or dings and it still spins out easy. hatrick and bassalope because bassalope is just my favorite yoyo period hatrick is my second fav, bassalope pros its very good for long tricks and complex string tricks cause its not very big, good rim weight, smooth as can be awsome colors. hatrick because just omg sorta small and light but doesnt spinout like the 888x, but it takes a couple of throws to get use to after your use to it its awsome long spins smooth and just wonderfull. 888x if very good to but idk i like the hubstacks on it very much and grinds are nice just the only thing is that is spins out! get it if u really like it im not going to tell i to get it just my opinion is bassalope and hatrick :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

888x and Wooly
Red :smiley:

for those of u who have played both marmot and bassalope plz tell what u like better and why
(i wanna know the differences)

I’ve played the Hatrick, Marmot, Bassalope (large and small bearing - I will assume you’re asking about the large bearing version), and older 888s. While I haven’t played the 888x yet, I’m pretty sure the 888x will be similar to the other 888s I’ve played.

Anyway… personally, I’d recommend the Hatrick and the Bassalope. Why? For one, the Marmot, Hatrick, and 888x are all undersized and almost exactly the same size diameter-wise (these three are all about 50 mm in diameter). This is why I would suggest getting the Bassalope and one of the others: so you have a variation in the yo-yos you own (change is good). The Bassalope is about 52 mm in diameter if my memory serves me correctly.

Of the 888x and Hatrick, I personally think the Hatrick plays a little bit better. The beadblasted finish is fantastic compared to the 888x and even though you don’t have hubstacks, I’d take it over the 888x (which is a little bit too heavy in my opinion).

Of the Marmot and Bassalope, I’d take the Bassalope. It’s much more stable than the Marmot, spins longer, and will give you a variation in your collection, whereas the Marmot will not (because it’s the same diameter as the 888x and Hatrick, as I stated earlier).

Let me know if you need any more information.