CLYW Gnarwhal VS Bassalope VS 888 VS Peak

Ok im looking for a more rounded yoyo that is totally unresponsive and are awesome at grinds, I currently own a Envy 64 and the Grindmachine 2 44clash edition

I have narrowed the choices down, which do u think is the best for my needs a Gnarwhal, Bassalope, or 888

Added a Peak to a list of thinkers

i ie the bassalop better than 888 but i never tryed a gnarwal

I like the 888x the best out of those choices. :wink:

From What i hear the Gnarwal is an excellent yoyo. The bassalope is my main throw its almost as smooth as the 888 but its way more stable. The grinds on the 888 are the best but the Bassalope isn’t too far behind and im not sure about grinds on the Gnarwhal but i hear they are good.

Gnarwhal review:

Bassalope review:

888x review:

Hope theose reviews help. Good Luck  :wink:

I just added a peak to my thoughts

Peaks are discontinued.

Gnarwhal is responsive stock.

how do u make it unresponsive

I replaced my pads with hatpads which are about half the size. it slips a little but still is a great throw

Thick or smooth ones?

its probably just a bad bearing

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The only ones of those I have are the 888, SB Bassalope, and Peak.
I think the peak is a little too big for my taste, but the Bassalope plays fantastically. Though for size, comfort, speed and smoothness, I’d say the 888 is definitely my overall favorite out of the 3.

I narrowed it down to a classic 888 or Gnarwhal, which do u guys think is better for overall smoothness and grinds

if your looking for grinds and smoothness definatley the 888. why do you want the classic over the 888x?

I want it to be made in the U.S and the classic I heard is better, is that true ? Or should I get a 888x

well true the 888x isnt made in the US but why does that really matter. read this guys review its pretty good hope it helps

I think I’m gonna get a 888x but I’m leaning more into the gnarwhal because I already have a yoyofactory yoyo do u think it’s still a good choice to go with the clyw

CLYW are really nice yoyos with great attention to detail. I myself like to diversify my collection because every brand plays different. So yes if it were me I would get the Gnarwhal and no matter which one you go with you will like it they are both great yoyo’s. :slight_smile:

Some CLYW have vibe. Just lettin you know.

Every CLYW I’ve ever had the pleasure of using is dead smooth. Just saying and I’ve used at least five and own one.