Gnarwhal vs Bassalope or SPYY for me

I want a cool looking CLYW, and ive narrowed it down to these two. I want something that plays great (I know these are two great yoyos) but more importantly something new to add to my collection. So heres the yoyos I use regularly and hopefully you can help me choose. I want a stable yoyo with good spintimes that plays fast.

  1. Hatrick: Main throw. I like its speed and smoothness, but it doesnt have the most amazing spin times
  2. Y-Factor: Great spin and stability, great speed, tiny vibe and not as floaty as a Hatrick.
    3 Ministar: My pocket yoyo, good spin times and stability, nice fluidity, zero vibe.
    4 Primo: Slight vibe, great spin and stability, main oversized.
    5 Beysick/Dingo: Screw around throws.

I want my clyw to be something new to this collection. I dont want it to play just like one of these.

EDIT: I have also added spyy yoyos to my decision. Same guidelines though.

first move to looking for help/reccomendation

secondly get a sasquatch when it drops, It is a different size then what you currently have, should be interesting.

I’ve played a bassalope and a gnarwhal and I think the gnarwhal is superior. It has everything a bassalope does plus a much nicer feel while playing

Hmm. Well I have a Bass and I love it more than I should :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, Zach Gormley told me the Gnarwhal is better than the Bassalope. Nuff said.

This is an extremely old post he’s probably already made their descision