CLYW Gnarwhal VS Bassalope VS 888 VS Peak

Gonna flip a coin for either gnarwhal or bassalope after much hard searching can’t decide

Well with the exception of some that have vibe.
My friend ghnarwal has small vibe. My old bassalope had a small vibe. My old BvM had a vibe. All mint.
I’ve tried about 6 CLYW and owned 2.

Dude my bearing spins better than any of my others, besides don’t you think I would have tried replacing my bearing before taking out the pads?

yeah what is the real difference between the 888 and the 888x ???

the place it was made and price are the main differance.

well if that is about it, i wouldnt care were it was made and then get the cheaper

and i think there are some more minute differences but they are in favor of the 888x

My Gnarwhal is dead unresponsive, plays amazing. Can’t go wrong I say.