2 Problems

  1. the hubstacks are killing my PGM very fast. i went to redondo beach and i played with someone else’s Plastic Grind Machine and it was so much bette (dice stacks). i was told that the hubstacks’ bearings were bad and i should replace them. you can see where i am going with this. how and what do i need to replace them? i got it nov 15

  2. I think the silicone pad response on my DV888 is wearing down. not sure, just think. the pads have some slight indentations and the binds are slipping more and more. i am going to buy either a new pad or flowable silicone for Xmas. i read a forum about which is better and flowable lasts longer, but i dont know how to apply it. Also, i just got a new bearing while i was in redondo beach because it started being a little responsive and that fixed that. now it is happening again and i was told to clean it even though there is no sound. ill lube it for now until i get replies. but now, i have trouble binding, yet i can bring it up with a strong pull or when i finger grind it shoots back to my hand.

the DV888 is less serious than the PGM problem but reply soon

  1. Pull your hubstacks off with pliers first, or just pull em’ off. You can choose to leave the hubstacks off wich would definately be a cheaper option. Personally, I like the hubstacks off my PGM, it plays much better IMO. If you like to have your hubstacks on, you can purchase them here at YYE. If you would like to leave your hubstacks off, again is much cheaper so you don’t have to purchase a new hubstack kit, I suggest getting some nubs too cover the hubstack posts of your PGM, which gives it a nice look.

  2. Purchase new sili on YYE, or just play stock by buying new k-pads. If you see black marks or rings on your k-pads, it’s time to replace them. Please don’t lube the yo-yo to much.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh yeah, if you want to buy new bearings for your hubstacks or want different color stacks purchase them here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/66/YYF-Hub-Stack-Kit-W{47}-Bearing

And the nubs: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/69/YYF-Nubs

Firstly, thankyou for asking your questions clearly and giving us info on what you are talking about, it makes it much easier for us to help.

I know there is definetly a thread in regards to the silicon question. You can find it, I beleive in you!

In regards to the bearing replacement, you just need two duncan size bearings (5x10x4) take off the hubstacks, take of the orings, take of the bearings, put on new bearings, put on orings, put on stacks.

DDDDDDDDDDDDDONNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTT use pliers to take off your stacks!!! You are more likely to damage/bend break them, often resulting in a vibe. If you get an old string, and just hold a loop of it and put in behind the hubstack and pull. POP! off it comes.

I know some of what I wrote has been stated but I think my response catered to the questions better. Not knockin onya though SR

Goodluck ::slight_smile:

  1. Clean and lightly lube the hubstack bearings.

  2. Clean and lube the bearing for the Dv888. Then buy a tube of silicone. Replace the K-pads with silicone; let it cure; break it in; enjoy it.

  1. forgot to mention i have lubed the hubstacks by just putting a drop of lube in the hubstack while attached to the yoyo. so can i just buy a new hubstack kit and replace my old ones and it will fix the problem? because i bought the PGM for the hubstacks and i want to learn how to use them better.

  2. i just lubed the DV888 bearing and now the bearing seems to be loud, yet it is still just as responsive and hard to bind. so nothing good came out of it. guess i over lubed :frowning:

i have not seen black marks on the original k pads of the Dv888. so i just need to bind better?

and to apply flowable silicone, i just rip out the K pads and then what? does the flowable sili come in a tube where i can just fill in the space with it, or something? and when i let it settle, does it rise, sink, or just harden to the same shape i apply it in?

ps. i did look into the silicone on the forums, but couldn’t find any apply instructions that answers these questions (except the tube one, i think i did read that it came in a tube.)

Why buy a part when you don’t have to? Clean and lube all the bearings correctly. If the Dv888 still has problems binding you can silicone it.

Yeah, don’t over lube it. Note that it will become unresponsive as you play with it. If you need to buy that tube of sili, you can buy it there and there is a tutorial there too:http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16234&cat=257&page=1

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Better yet you can buy it locally. Walmart and any auto parts store will have it. Just ask for Permatex silicone. It is available in either flowable or gasket maker. Some people prefer flowable others prefer gasket maker. It is merely preference though some say flowable is easier to apply.

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as long as the hubstack bearings arent rusty inside theyre fine, just clean them and maybe try running them dry, i run all my bearings dry and never have problems. as for the sili the first time it wont look very pretty (mine was awful) but the more you do it the better you will get at it

Basically, bearings sometimes die.

They get to a stage where its not worth trying to get them back.

If he has tried his best to clean them, Im sure there is little else he will be able to do.

Im a big fan of DIY before buying new parts, but if it’s broke, fix it.

The flowable sili is earsier to put in than the gasket maker kind, it is easy fill, just put out the old pad, and start to fill it, don’t fill over the edge of the resonse groove.

I like this topic. Well planned answers that actually help. Thanks go out to all of you guys.

Flowable silicone will be easier to apply. I would suggest starting out with that. Make sure it says “flowable” on the package though. For reference, it’s used for windshield repair.

I’m only saying this because it is how I was. Instead of continuing to ask questions about siliconing, just do it. I kept asking people for help because it seemed such a daunting task, but it turned out much much easier than I thought. :wink: