2 peaks modded for 2a

GEsss wHatt friENDS i purchessed two peaks today and thicklube and stuufFFFFFFFF AND modded THEM FOR 2A they wOrK amazing AND now I have TWO peaks FOR 2a

Can you post some pics?

Iron Man and Hulk Smash?


Target Dollar section?

Obviously a worthless joke thread that isn’t in any way funny

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Hus fault ::slight_smile: Wasted 2 perfectly good $115 yoyos.

Thank you!


At the Target Dollar Spot there was these cheap plastic imperials, they light up and one kind had a Iron Man picture on it ( Iron Man Peak?) and the 2nd is a Hulk picture (Hulk Smash peak), I tried to loop with them so I assume he got two and is being “Funny”.

Peak murderer!!! :smiley:

Yeah this is a bad idea. They wouldn’t in any way be made for looping so getting them to stay upright would be very very hard. AlSo hE dOesn"t KnOw hOW to uSe thE shiFt KEY.

Please work on grammer best you can and RIGHT capitalization.

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