1up to One Drop


Just wanted to say one drop really helped me learn new tricks really fast, so thanks!


What did they do exactly?


They made really awesome yoyos.

(M²) #4

I don’t think that’s exactly what helped you learn tricks…

(DOGS) #5



i think he means the longer spins helped him maybe


Yeah pretty much.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

I think onedrop made a yoyo you liked. Making you throw more. Making you learn more. Making you enjoy it more.

Spin time wasn’t an issue.

Go 1drop



I think there might be some validity with his post. I just got a OD 54 and I’ve been struggling with Kwijibo hitting it maybe once out of 20 times. Hit it 3 times in a row today and a total of maybe 10 out of 20 throws. Which is a huge improvement over what I have been doing. I think they put pixie dust in their side effects, I’ll do some under cover research and get back to you if I find anything.