1a vs 2a vs 3a vs 4a vs 5a vs Kendama


Hey. I was thinking about how some people are completely new to 4a or 5a and other’s are masters. I personally am good at 1a, but that was just me. I was wondering what your favorite section of yo-yoing is and why. Thanks!

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kendama is my favorite yoyoing style.


Overdone topic.

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It’s a yoyo forum? We don’t have much to talk about.


Why not the new Silverbullet or anime?

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Make a thread for that then? or leave


That’s not a question?


It was said with a questioning inflection. More than likely you’ve done so before? :slight_smile:


Kendama isn’t as fun or as impressing as yoyoing AT ALL in my opinion (just my opinion). My favorite is definitely 1A.

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Yea, kendama is fun in a different sense. Yoyoing is a much easier form of expression.


Just did.

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Stop your bickering, folks. Don’t respond if you feel like you don’t need to!

Personally, I mostly stick to 1A. I’m not very unique. I’ve tried really hard to become good at 2A but have never gotten very good. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching it more than most people I think. Kendama is really fun but it’s the same as 2A in that despite hours dedicated to it, I’ve never become very good at it. Still enjoy it. Since you don’t have to tie it to yourself, it’s perfect for little twenty second jam sessions.

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This is advice guys. Take it. Please.

I like 1A. 2A looks amazing and 5A is crazy. I just a kendama today so we’ll see how that goes! :wink:


1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, and 5a are cool.


I like 1a a lot. Played when I was a kid , around 10-12 years old and picked it back up at the beginning of this year (I turned 28 this past March) and have learned some cool stuff that I didn’t know was possible. Best trick thus far is Buddha’s Revenge. I’ve also put together a few combos (I.e. Barrel Rolls-Brain Twister-Keychain, and Boingy Boing-Mach 5-Split the Atom-Keychain).

Messed around with looping a little and though fun, I’m not real great at it.

Not really looking to get into kendama personally though it is very fun to watch.

My biggest issue is that I love in Kentucky and there aren’t any throwers around here that I’ve met. It would be cool to be able to get together with other yoyo-nerds and learn more.


4A because I fell like it has a huge potential but has not reached it yet.


Definitely 1A because it feels like there is so much more potential innovation than most other styles. 5A seems to have just as much potential, but I enjoy slacks most, which people generally do more of in 1A. 2A is exciting but never seems too innovative to me. 3A is honestly pretty boring no matter who does it in my opinion and 4A doesn’t seem to have much room for invention left.


1A is just sorta fun.
2A is just more fun and a sense of achievement because of how hard it is
3A is very cool if done in a very flashy manner. (Watch patrick borgeding, i love his flashy 3A style)
4A if done correctly with big gigantic moves is epic, otherwise its just orbits and some finger spins
5A is almost like 2A with all the spinning things like the spinning counterweight and sometimes the spinning yoyo. Quite impressive.
Kendama is just fun to do, not as fun to watch


Thats because most people do 1A. It is what people think when the word yoyo is said. I’ve had non-yoyoers challenge me to say that offstring isn’t yoyoing that it has to be connected to the string. But this proves my point even people who don’t yoyo still always think of 1A as yoyoing. It’s not that I hate 1A I think it is amazing but most people are unaware of the innovation in other yoyoing styles.

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That’s because they’re laypeople. They’re not supposed to know about 4A. The really don’t know about any of the A’s. They just recognize what they’ve done themselves as kids or seen in the grandmas house. I wouldn’t expect them to be aware of “the innovation in other yoyoing styles”. The fact that they’re are different ways to yoyo is mind blowing enough.

On my off days I busk (street perform). Lots of people pass by. They watch and ask the typical questions.

“Is that still spinning?”
“Do you know rock the baby?”
“Are you like the world yoyo champion?”
“People still yoyo?”
“You must practice a lot, right?”
“Is that a trick yoyo?”

Answering the same questions can be frustrating. However, you’ve got to understand that they are uninitiated. The most helpful thing you can do is answer their questions politely.
(In my case being polite is super important, since I’m hoping they’ll drop a tip.)

One basic rule when dealing with laypeople:

Expect them to know nothing.

Don’t get frustrated. That’s just the way it is.

I’ve presented slideshows and other projects about modern yoyoing styles. The best you can do is explain, and hope that it sinks in.