1a combos (PLEASE READ)

Hi just wondering if anybody knew any good advanced 1a combos. ALso need some help making combos, not too sure how to group tricks together. :slight_smile: 8) THANKS!!

Get two tricks that flow well and put them right after the other, I when i was a beginner i did matrix to skin the gerbil, or split the atom to atomic bomb. also how bout bhuddas revenge to Kwijibo? What is you skill level I assumed you were on advanced 1/2

This should be in the “tricks section” this part of the forum has a reason, and so does that

My skill level is advanced and yes sorry this should be in the trick section sorry bout that. :o :smiley:

Somebody pm me some advanced 1a combos and also what fundametal yoyo should i get for christmas(any price range and i already have a dv888) ;D

If I were you, I would just listen to soem music and do random tricks, after about 10 minutes you’ll see some combo that you didn’t see before. But if that doesn’t work, just like, do tricks that end in trapeze, double or nothing, 1.5 mount, etc, then do a trick from that mount. Combos don’t have to be perfectly together, just in one throw. So even if you did say a mcbrides rollercoaster to kwijibo, and it didn’t look smooth, that’s still a start.
Sorry if the is confusing, but I hope my message was understood.

And on the point of a new yoyo. If you have a dv888, I would just ask for money and save it for a yoyo later.

Ok thanks and LOL i love that animation thing on your profile!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! SO my post was understandable?