1984 Transformers

Which is your favorite Transformer?

Which is your favorite Transformers series and who is your favorite character from that series and the one from 1984? My favorite series is the 1984 and my favorite is Sideswipe. I am a bit of a Tf (Transformers) nerd and you can ask me what I am talking about if you don’t know.

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I never hopped on the tf wagon, sorry mate. I’d say Optimus prime, but that feels so dishonest and cliche

It’s cool as long as someone replies.

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I like the one that turns into a boom box

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Blaster the red one or Sound Wave the purple one?

Soundwave is where its at, he could call upon Lazerbeak and Rumble whenever he wanted which was cool. But I come from the Beast Wars era of transformers, and that for me was the best series.


Yeh, beast wars was good thats also the one I grew up with (along side with transformers: the animated series) my favorite from that series had to be Cheetor. In my opinion beast wars series was way better than beast machines. (Its preequil).

Yeah, his tapes were pretty cool especially Rat Bat, Lazer Beek/Buzzard, and Frenzy/Rumble. Cool face about Rumble and Frenzy was that their actual toy colors were switched in the show. A cool rhyme having to do with their appearance in the show is: Rumble is blue, Frenzy is red, cross them both, and you’ll be dead! It’s weird but you get the point.

Also, thanks for replying.:grin:

I’ve actually just started showing Beast Wars to my son and he loves Cheetor too, he’s also quite fond of Inferno, who he just refers to as “Ant”. I always liked Dinobot. We just watched the episode Code of Hero, and it still gets me right in the feels!

Thats cool but if you’re going to show him transformers you have to show him the original from 1984.:thinking:

I tried him with G1 season 1 but he didn’t care much for it, quite surprising really, as he loves cars. I think the overall story of Beast Wars was thought out really well and it ties in with Generation 1 nicely. It had some interesting characters too.

Used to watch that all the time, back in the 80’s when it was originally on. I had an Optimus Prime action figure, and another one also, but can’t remember the names of them all.

My favorite was always Hot Shot, not from gen1 but the later series

I think you mean Hotrod or Radius Prime.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: