1000 posts (Thank yous and whatnots)

So i hit 1000 posts, yay…

JK its almost Thanksgiving so i feel like some things must be said.
First, thank you guys. All of you have made this community such an amazing to be in. I am extremely happy that I decided to pickup yoyoing despite forgetting about it back when I was 7. You guys are the most, welcoming, helpful, and just really good people overall.


TotalArtist-You really sum up what this community is all about, you are constantly helping people, whether its by providing people with information or providing the less fortunate throwers with yoyos. I really can’t think of anyone that can be a better candidate for forum Xpert than you :D.

Shadowz143 and Owngry (or whatever his name is nowadays)- You two are my main inspirations for constantly trying to improve my skills. Upon seeing your guy’s videos, it just makes me want to pick up my yoyo and try to reach the amazingness that is your skills. And for that, I thank you guys.

YYE- Without Andre and everyone else who runs YYE no of us would be here. Not to mention their customer service is probably the best I’ve ever seen.

And this one is pretty random, but Yomagic. You seem like a really cool guys but the reason i thought about you when typing this is because of the Battle Royale that Alex organized a little while back. I lost to you in the first round, and I’ve been preparing and hopefully that doesn’t happen again, regardless of the opponent :).

As for the future these are my short-term and long-term goals for the future.
1-Get the motivation of making a full length video.
2-Participate in more battles
3-Eventually get the Georgia State title. (Maybe in 3-4 years)
4-Get into kendama
5-Maybe kinda hopefully get sponsored?


Awe Leftylink, you are too kind. Making it to 1000 means that you are very active, and making some great contributions. Congratulations! I have no interest whatsoever in Forum Expert. It is definitely not for me. Especially with folks like you around, I already got all the perks anyway :wink:

Thanks for being so cool. I love your ambition, and the way you set your goals. You will reach them all. I will join you at #4 soon. Thanks for all the kind words, and congrat’s. Shadowz143 is one of my favorites on the forum, and off the forum too. Great guy. You all know YoyoExpert is my favorite…best of the best. Thanks for spreading such kindness.


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high five congrats. Just wait till you hit 2000 it probably won’t feeling different. Yeah what I was going for kinda backfired. Well you know your awesome and a great thrower at that. Hopefully I can see you at the next girts meet.

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Congrats lefty link!

I agree with you TA is one of the nicest people on the forums (no offense to other peoples )


Wait till you get 5,000… You wont even notice haha?

Your a nice guy!

wow. so meen how dare u

I said no offense too other peoples

yah i feel so insulted
Nao I have to go and sit in my basement with my cats because I’m too afraid to be seen by humanity

I Said TA was one of the nicest I never said she was the only nice person Everyone one the forums is nice

You don’t get the sarcasm there do you?

u need to take sum sensitivity classes or something. if u don’t have anything nice 2 say don’t say it. i’ve been crying 4 like 6 hours becz of u.

They’re playing with ya man :smiley:

Sorry >:(

I know :smiley:

No honorable mention for me? haha, jk… :wink:

And duuudde! I was actually thinking about the Royale a few days back and I’ve made it my goal to get past to the 2nd round next year! Silly but I still think I’m gonna have to go all out to get past the first round, and that’s if I get lucky and don’t get a pro or something that will probably still be holding back :smiley:

I forgot to say we have basically the same goals. That’s funny.

I have no goals…

I have no life…
Seriously, a corpse is typing this.

Congrats on the 1000 mark, dude! You are an awesome guy and an amazing thrower. It was a pleasure to meet you at GA States.

BTW, do you think you’ll be going to AL States next year?

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Why thank you :smiley:
About Al States it seems really unlikely because its out of state but maybe. Is there a website with more info?