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I am like the only Alabama yoyoer, and it’s pretty lonely thats why from this day on i am going to make a name for myself. So i can inspire people in Alabama that yoyoing isn’t so bad and a state to the yoyo community.
so here are my goals

         1. get better make videos.
         2. Make a name for myself
         3. Inspire people to yoyo
         4. compete in yoyo competitions 
         5. meet friendly people in the yoyo community 
         6. Get sponsored 
         7. Create my own yoyo

                                       Yeah,yeah i know i am shooting high in my goals but i am gonna try my hardest in these so the support from you guys would be nice.

I am going to buy me a Gopro to so i can record and make videos.

Thank you for checking out my post.

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That’s good, just remember to:

  1. Keep yoyoing fun for yourself and
  2. make yoyoing fun for others.
  3. I find that it’s easier to promote yoyoing, when I make it about those new to yoyoing and not about myself.

Good luck!


Thank you (:


Good luck! ;D


Good luck! I know that feeling :frowning: I live is South Carolina and there is no yoyo community here. Nobody in the yoyo community has ever even seen me throw before; I’ve been putting off make a vid for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time now. Isn’t there a Alabama state contest though? Anyways you can definitely achieve those goals if you try hard enough!

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Pennsylvania is like crickets. :wink: Is there a PA States? I haven’t been able to find one


Yoyoing: not so bad.


Yes, I yoyo because i love the feeling you get when you land a new trick, or the feeling when you “make one up.” Yeah i live in a small town to but where is the Alabama tourny at like what city?


I study in a university which have about 30000 students… and I m the only one throw in the last two years…

check out my thread:


Wow Maryland here there’s an okay amount of yoyoers there’s ghost,five iron brian. Shadix and probably a few more


Wow Maryland here there’s an okay amount of yoyoers there’s ghost,five iron brian. Shadix and probably a few more
and this guy

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You’re not completely alone. I live near Birmingham, Felix of Duncan crew was in Tuscaloosa(not sure if he is still there or not). There are others. A lot of them are just not active on the boards because of school and things like that. There use to have a state comp in Huntsville but I don’t think they had it this year. At least I never saw anything about it. What part of Alabama do you live in.


I live in a small town 30 min away from Montgomery, Alabama. Anyone near here well i love this hobby too. i really want to get better and make a name for myself


I want to find out if the is an Alabama state in 2013 if there is and i am not busy i am going no doubt.


Yeah I have no one on the Delmarva peninsula either :-\


Good luck!!! Where I live I go to malls a lot, and there are yoyo stores in the malls and I see a lot of yoyoers. And I’d have the same goal too if I lived in a lonely yoyo area, I think you’ll be able to get the goals down if you keep trying!!! Keep yoyoing fun! Good luck!


I am about to get my first metal what yoyo should i get? i already have the protostar. I wan to try a yoyo like the BOSS the shape of it looks amazing.