Looking for the highest quality throws and don’t know of any others than the Draupnir

Sturm Panzer Schneider Mk2
C3 Berzerker SS and Krown
sOMEThING Superfly Remix and Slasher(cheaper at another place so counting it)
Japan technology FiReal
Yoyofactory Space Cowboy
Onedrop Valor
Turning Point Leviathan 5 and positron 2
Yoyomonster Checkmate
CLYW Scout, and Orca
2sickoyos Queen and Bishop
G2 Aftershock
Monkeyfinger Gelada 2
Duncan Triumph

Those are some of the ones that come to mind. I really love the stuff from turning point, yoyomonster and sturm panzer but the others listed are great as well. Of the list I’d probly grab the slasher or schneider.

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I have berserker ss and leviathan 5, it beyond awesome to me
i was looking for schneider too :slight_smile:

I got a berserker SS already and liked it is the Slasher anything like that? Would I be able to have a Iori Yamaki style with it

i guess it will have the same performance as berserker ss
just maybe slasher is a bit quicker due to it’s weight