Debating on what I want to get

I am looking at getting a new throw, I have narrowed it down to a few options, well really two. Price really isn’t too much of a factor. I am a hobbyist but I do like having the best equipment for my hobbies.

First - Oxgene Obsidian + OneDrop MarkMont Classic


Sengoku Masamune

I do like the idea of getting two throws for around the same price point.

I have read reviews for Masamune and they have been really good and I don’t have a bi-metal yoyo and would like one. I haven’t seen any reviews on the Oxy however from what I hear they are smooth throws…any advice.


I would go with a masamune out of the two options you have shown :slight_smile: Other wise maybe a draupnir.

If you’re interested in getting the Sengoku Hideyoshi, they’re selling B-grades on their website for only $99! That’s a pretty badass deal IMO