10 long minutes.

(G2 Jake) #1

Brandon Hodges just got his Nessie to sleep for 10 minutes and 4 seconds!

I’m not big on sleep times but I was impressed when I got this news. In my years of yoyoing, I don’t think I have ever timed one of my throws spin times. Not my cup of tea, but of you need spin time the Nessie will do the job.


A great testament to the design (and thrower!). Respect!

I’m with you though. I just don’t have the patience to time throws.


10 minutes thats long! I wonder how many tricks I can do in that time…


Spin time is greatly reduced during tricks.


Nice!! What kind of bearing?

(Owen) #6

Send me a Nessie and I’ll get it to spin for 10:05!

Ha! One second longer!


And this is why I never time spins.


I don’t waste time very often timing a spin. I got better things to do. If I’m having trouble with spin time on tricks, it’s my technique being a bit sloppy.

Wow, though. 10 minutes. Impressive.

(G2 Jake) #9

He used a trifecta, cleaned, no shields, and no lube.


I snap started my Supernova a couple of days ago, just to see how long it would keep going off a snap, and I stopped keeping time after the 3 min mark.


Your snap is beastly—Or maybe mine is just incredibly weak… O.o’