i feel like my yoyo(supernova) doesnt sleep as long as it should.


Hey, I have a supernova with a Buddha ripple (its a grooved (centre trac) and kon kave) bearing, and when I see a video of the supernova, people get amazing sleep times. mine spins for around… 40 seconds, what the heck! People get like 3 min with the supernova, I i get 40 seconds!!! Why? Im advanced in this site, so I have a strong throw.

(SR) #2

There are a few things to consider here:

  1. People in the videos you are watching are either professionals/YYF Team members or have been throwing for years.

  2. Just because you have reached the advanced stage of the site does not mean you have developed a proper, powerful, or strong throw. It takes time to develop.

If I were a betting man I’d say that you need to work on your throw more. It could be a bearing issue, but that’s really unlikely.

Be content with your throw right now and just work to improve it over time. You’ll get there, don’t worry about. As long as you can get through a combo, it doesn’t even really matter.


if you are doing tricks, your supernova will never spin for 3minutes. you just need your yoyo to spin long enough for your combo.

also keep in mind that videos are edited. it probably took them a long time to record the long throw perfectly.

but if you are talking about their 3minute sleeper compared to your 40sec sleeper. then it is probably your throw is not good/straight enough.
i have tried a thick lubed flat bearing supernova that can spin for over 3mins.


We all think we have a strong throw. Until suddenly our own throws get stronger and we realize our throw wasn’t as strong as we thought it was. :wink:

I don’t remember the exact moment, but I do recall at some point suddenly being aware that my throw had become stronger and I wasn’t even TRYING to have a stronger throw. It just happened.

Point being, telling a bunch of people who can’t see you throw (and even then, looks can be deceiving!) that you are sure it’s the yoyo and not your throw, is something that’s going to be met with a bit of non-judgmental skepticism. I can only speak from experience that I thought I had a strong throw and then proved myself wrong.

Looking forward to the next time I can say, “When I thought I had arrived at a strong throw? Yeah, I was wrong about that, too.” :wink: