1 Throw 5A Battle

OK guys, who wants in?

1 Throw
No regens
Don’t just hold the CW and do tricks

All slots filled

Arussell vs. cbaxt98

gleock vs. Maxyoyos1998

Lemme know if you want to enter through PM

Sounds awesome. Wish I could throw 5a. Lol

BTW that’s 1 sexy avatar. Mumbles. “What was I Thinking?”

Haha red. Bump

/me turns around and walks out

Freegen loophole.


You have no business trying to mix in with omegas anyways Ele, go chill with the Alpha peeps.
And to those who say that 5A can have no regens, I don’t know who told you this but…

It is a rule…

A rule that doesn’t allow 5A regen innovators like Ele to join in.
Limitations and restrictions on innovation results in lack of said innovation.
Hows it feel.


So true.

His style is respectable, but I don’t see the point in making this an argument. It was a rule that I placed for a battle. If you don’t like it then forget it and move on

Aww man, I want Elephark to join in :frowning:

So you are happy with having these restrictions set despite the fact that you are stopping a truly legit player from mingling among you?
Well oh well then,

Ele is a whole other level above you I guess,
I bet you would not allow Jacob Defenbaugh to enter too huh, cause of his innovative regen/hubstack stuff.
We will leave you be, be cool.

Ele is legit dude. No joke. I never said he couldn’t battle, now did I? I understand his still consists of epic freegen stuff and all, but I just said it wasn’t allowed. He was never permitted to not battle, but no regrens/freegens

I actually think this rule is fine.

You say “It isn’t fair this” “It isn’t fair that” start a new 5a battle thread!

I know you’re a forum EXpert, but, why is it a problem if you can’t do regens? So you can make your mediocre self look better by doing something that allows you to do more mediocre things? A true player can play by anyone’s rules and still come out on the top.

The worst part is that elephark is probably a pretty good thrower.

Hmm. I would sign up if I had a camera.

The one who has a differing opinion (He also pwns) TEAmPownage

What if only Elephark could do regenerations?

Don’t find that to be fair still. If he does it everyone gets to

Well then this is complete nonsense.
Im out, have fun guys.
Have fun with your restricted 5A

Please Aaron *with a little kid puppy face :-[ *


I’d do it,. through I have the crudiest camera.