Looking for a 5A Battle

(Chase Baxter) #1

Not really sure where to post this but here is what I have to say:

I’m looking for a 5A battle, one throw, anyone, I will not say no. Who do you guys think the best 5A player is on this forum? I haven’t done a battle in a while and I’d like to do one again. So whoever wants to, one throw, 5A, as soon as possible.

(M.DeV1) #2

I am in.


kinda let 5A slide since french nats, but yea, I’ll take you on as well


I’m in


damn… looks like Im in to late. Oh, well.

(Owen) #6

You guys know this is Chase Baxter, right?

He is crazy at 5a.

Good luck all.

(M.DeV1) #7

I’m in it for the fun! ;D

(Chase Baxter) #8

You guys want to do like a tournament? Whoever wants to join can join


yea I don’t really care, I must be one of the worst 5A players around anyway, but I like the idea of actually doing something. Plus, I’m getting a new cam in a couple of days, it’ll be perfect to try it out.