Looking for a 5A Battle

Not really sure where to post this but here is what I have to say:

I’m looking for a 5A battle, one throw, anyone, I will not say no. Who do you guys think the best 5A player is on this forum? I haven’t done a battle in a while and I’d like to do one again. So whoever wants to, one throw, 5A, as soon as possible.

I am in.

kinda let 5A slide since french nats, but yea, I’ll take you on as well

I’m in

damn… looks like Im in to late. Oh, well.

You guys know this is Chase Baxter, right?

He is crazy at 5a.

Good luck all.

I’m in it for the fun! ;D

You guys want to do like a tournament? Whoever wants to join can join

yea I don’t really care, I must be one of the worst 5A players around anyway, but I like the idea of actually doing something. Plus, I’m getting a new cam in a couple of days, it’ll be perfect to try it out.