beginner 5a battle??

I have been doing 5a for about 4 or 5 months now. Been yoyoing total around a year and a half. I want to do a one on one battle with someone with 5a. Message me if youre interested please!

I would but i just got angry and smashed my 5A throw…

hahaha oh man… gotta control that temper… but I cant say I havent done it too

my fhz is out of order cause I put leds and hot glue in it, it vibes a lot. getting a summit here soon. ill battle ya then! I really dunno any frehand tricks, I just fool around with it. play like 1a and then throw the counterweight around a bit.

haha thats pretty much what i do… ive been getting better tho so i wanna test the waters

well if you are willing to wait, my summit should be here friday. I say we practice all next week and upload our videos next friday! I havent battled anyone yet! And my 1A game would get destroyed in a battle lolol.