Begginer 5A Video battle?

I’ve been throwing 5a less than a month, anyone up for a VB?

1 throw (no regens)
No “1a with a counterweight attached”
maximum 5a skill level: 1 month

I will battle you

Les do this!


i want in ;D or is it only 2 people ??

I also want in this.

I am making a 5a video so I will use one of those

5 people? Ai’ght, 5 way!

cool, i’ll film mine right now

All my 5a tricks are under 10 seconds… too short I think

sweet ill get a clip ASAP !! ;D

ive been throwing alot longer than a month never serious about 5a can i make a 1 throw vid and just see what you guys think not compete?

well im not super great at 5a yet but this is what i got as of now  ;D

Re-Entry. If you don’t watch in HD you’re a loser.

After watching that last one… I’m not even gonna bother

I am taking that as a compliment. I have only been doing 5a for 3 weeks actually

I sent mine to mista

Post here for everyone to see maybe?

Thats what samad said :wink:

I am NOT competing… ive never been a serious 5a player but can you guys tell me what you think? Its not my best but i wasnt doing too good today lol