Who wants to have a 5A video battle? ALL SPOTS FULL


Who wants to have a video battle with me doing 5A only?  I’m thinking only up to like 5 people battling though.  so first FOUR to message me saying they want to battle, gets to battle, anyone after four doesn’t get to battle.

Rules are-

  1. Can’t be any longer than 1min.
  2. must be longer than 40 seconds.
  3. You can’t be a freakin professional or anything, cuz I SUCKKK at 5A. like guys, I’m really bad. really, really bad.  I’m just doing this to have fun, like serouisly, I’m that bad at 5A.  I’m awful at 5A guys.
  4. No profane music.

Dead line for videos is October 15 2012.  (10/15/12)

Have fun!  message me if your gonna do it, but only message me if your FOR SURE going to do it.


  1. JohnnyJ
    5.Slade Riggs

Here’s my vid



Enter me please!


all spots are full now guys, all we do now is wait.

(Owen) #4

I think Cbaxt98 wanted to do a 5a battle… You guys left him out in his own battle :open_mouth:


heres my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBgqmBj7O5A&feature=plcp yeah just a little stuff i threw out at literally 3:30 am XD


bump, in two days!


My entry.

(Khent G) #8

Create a new thread Johnny so we can put our videos and create a poll?


Battle doesn’t end until tomorrow.


I’ll a poll thread with all the vids at 3:00PM Central time.