1 day old yoyojam SFX bearing already locked up.

I just go my new SFX yesterday, and it seemed pretty good. I have probably only played with it for an hour, and the bearing started screaming right as i put a g-string in it, and it is very responsive. It also isnt sleeping for long. Like 30 seconds. This always happens to my yoyos when i get them, but this time is the fastest. Everyone always says that just perservering and continuing to play will fix it, and if not that, cleaning it. But 1 year ago this happened to my protostar and never got fixed. 6 months ago to my dv888. 2 months ago to my 54, and none of them have gotten better. I am never able to get them cleaned, and when i try they just get worse. WHAT IS WRONG?

It’s breaking in. Don’t worry about it. Keep playing with it.

i know why… do you have thin lube??? put a drip on the bearing and… VVVWWHHALLAA.
If it still doesn’t work you should contact yyf or yye.

Ehhh, no. Then he should clean it and then lube it.

Like jhb said, clean it w/ mineral spirits and lube it. Or play it dry, which is what I do :slight_smile: It should fix the problem.

Desheild the bearing it might have some oxidisation in it if so you need a new bearing. Most times metal like this can oxidise quick if you live somewhere with alot of moisture or near the sea where there is alot of salt in the air.

If no oxidisation then just clean in thinners or any type of spirits you have then see if that works.

If none of this works then im clueless what to try next. ???

what is playing it dry?

A dry bearing is one w/o any lube. They do tend to spin longer than a lubed bearing, but in the opinion of some of us, that is also what is causing the rash of bearing failure reports. YMMV of course.

oh okay. i use thin lube and it tends to slow my yoyos down, but they are alot more smooth and more quiet.

Thin lube is supposed to do that. It’s lower viscosity than say Brain Lube, so it should have less of an effect, while still making the bearing spin quieter and smoother.

But isnt it supposed to make is unresponsive as well?

All lubes will make the bearing somewhat responsive. It’s just physics. YYJ thin lube, being a lower viscosity than some of the others makes it less so. Some say considerably less at that.