1 and 1/3 month of Yoyo playing.

Hi guys, I have been yoyo’ing for a month and 1/3rd. Here is me doing The Matrix and Eli Hops. I have a 5A shirt on and I only play 1A, the shirt looks cool so why not.


not bad…

Thanks mate, forgot to add I was using a YoyoFactory Shutter.

I like it! For under 2 months that’s pretty fantastic. I like your sense of control (while it isn’t flowy quite yet it doesn’t look jerky at all; kinda reminds me of JD).

Keep it up!

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Wow, he can do matrix and e-hops in less than 2 moonths. Impressive dood. I think I was still working on trapeze then.

Nice job keep it up.

Nice…dare I say…LeGood ;D

Wow impressive for under 2 months it took me much longer to master Eli hops but you got it down pretty good

Don’t worry, I have a Duncan Walking Dead Freakhand shirt and I don’t play 5a either.

I think after a month I could just about land a trapeze. Very nicely done man, keep it up. ;D

The control and flow you have for how long you have been throwing is insane, After 6 months I had nowhere near the amount of flow or control you have! Keep it up my friend!

You seem super stoked about yo-yoing. I see you all the time on here, buying, and posting. What do your friends and family all say about your new found hobby?

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I love yoyo’ing so much. I can’t believe I haven’t found this hobby earlier. I thought yoyo’ing was all vertical and still using classic yoyos such as the Yomega Fireball. When I saw videos of horizontal play and usage of modern yoyos, I fell in love. I said, wow! I must get one for myself and start yoyo’ing. Ever since then, I can’t stop watching videos, buying new yoyos and yoyo clothing. I can’t stop yoyo’ing! I love it!

My family haven’t said anything to me about my yoyo’ing hobby, well at least not all. I can already tell that for one, my brother in law thinks I’m crazy spending so much on this hobby in such short time.

I also blame this forum for 65 percent of why I am addicted. If it werent for this forum where I can browse and communicate with other yoyo’ers, I probably wouldn’t last a couple of weeks before quitting. However this forum has reinforced my mind so much about yoyo’ing so that if it were to ever shut down, I would still yoyo forever. Though I never want this forum to shut down, it’s like heaven going on here every time.

Doesn’t he remind you guys of JD though lol

My family thought I was crazy for spending so much money in the beginning too but now they are used to it. ;D