What are the possibilities of 1/2 A? How far can you go? Do you need a certain yoyo to do it? And lastly are there any videos? Its something thats been in my mind for a bit. All i can do in 1/2A is a thumb grind :smiley:


1/2 A???

As far as I know with yoyos you can go on forever…

Ah I get it, go check out YouTube. I saw a sit do Eiffel Tower a trapeze ect…

Also, I assume a Profiled bearing you help,


I was going to try this but it looks scary :wink:


Hey, you know HaruRay from this forum?

Well he invented it :wink:

Id go ask him!

(Zammy Ickler ) #5

One of the things I learned when it comes to yoyo is never doubt ANY possibilities when it comes to yoyo tricks/styles.

I’ve never focused on the style itself and it seems very very few people have attempted it.



Its fun to mess around with sort of. Just losten the yoyo up a bit, throw a sleeper, grab one side of the yoyo and thatll make it come off then itll be spinning on half a yoyo… i cant really do more than a sleeper, picture tricks, and thumb grind though :smiley:

(Jei Cheetah) #7

It’s been a while since I’ve played around with the style, but there are lots of possibilities.
on a flat bearing, basic string tricks and if you have good aim, brent stoles are possible. With a KK bearing, hooks and various whips are also possible. If you are taking off the non axle side of the yoyo, you can learn to guide the precession of the yoyo to tilt it onto its side, and pop the yoyo up into your hand as a spin top.

Definitely many possibilities that have yet to be discovered!



Wow, didn’t know haruRay invented that. Only thing i do is a rock the baby sorta of thing