What Stlye do you yo

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everything but 3a. Iโ€™m gonna try 3a more when I get my sigma blade zweis in a few days
In order of how much I do them (most to least) 1a, 5a, 2a, 4a, then Iโ€™ve tried 3a likeโ€ฆ twice. lol itโ€™s hard.

I do all styles ;D


1a. Im not very good at 3a but I can still do some tricks. and 4a


you forgot 1/2a

Whats that?

Yoyofoot was just being rude, considering to play that constantly would be hella difficult. Its a style that requires a loose yoyo and one half completely comes off so the string is on the bearing but the yoyo is still spinningโ€ฆthere is no real innovative tricks for it.


Was not!


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:wink: Gotcha!

ehehe! Thats okay though, 1/2a is incredibly difficult. The only person I specifically know that has been able to handle it is Josh Yee.


Whatโ€™s Moebius?

Yah, what is it? ???

Wrong video to the poster above, this is the video that explains about Moebius.


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I do 1A with a little 5A on the side. =)

I do 1a, 4a, and once i get a counterweight iโ€™ll do 5a.

1a,2a,4a for shows, and 5a is what yo

mostly 1a and a little bit of 4a and 5a :wink: