Has anyone ever heard of the 1/2A playing style??? ???

Yup, and we even have the innovator here!

1a = string tricks consisting of 1 yoyo
2a = looping tricks consisting of 2 yoyos

He is talking about 1 half a (1/2a)

No I think he was talking about 1/2A as in like .5A. Not much you can do with it, but I’m sure it’s fun to mess around with.

No, he means 0.5A. Half-A. 1/2A

I mean half. Where only half of a yoyo is used.

Which is what we meant.

And because it is what we meant, the planets became aligned and were all like stuff because half yoyo and with the um cause such.


Triple ninja,

Way to go Samad, I’m impressed that requires skills.

Yeah. All you can basically do is some basic picture tricks(wll that’s all i can do)
And it’s not that hard actually

err I read wrong, my bad. Ya i believe it was made by Joshua yee if i remember right “jayyo” goes on this forum

yeah It was Josh

Wait how do you use half of a yoyo??? :o

First you loosen the yoyo a little bit. Then you throw and while it’s spinning, you grab one side of the yoyo until it’s completely taken apart(preferably the side without the bearing.) Then you you just do picture tricks or whatever you want to do.

heres a video by paolo

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there is no vid there :stuck_out_tongue: