1/2 A tricks anyone?

I can do some picture tricks, very basics string tricks a grinds, and spin tops. I know you can do some offstring but haven’t managed to do much yet.

You can do a lot of things in 1/2 a that u pcan doin 1a just 10 times harder

I can do a 1/2 A gyro flop… Haha not really. You probably could with a kk though…

Now where is haru for this topic

“Haru? Heeeerrrrrreeee boy!! C’mon boy!!! Look, we’re doing 1/2A!!! Heeeerrrrrrreeee wolfy!!! Come 'ere boy!”

That won’t work. You have to put a string a deep, confusing comments and words together:

Never play leap-frog with unicorns

Thou shall not pee on thy electric fence.

the call of the Haru maybe?