What would make a good 1/2 A yoyo?

I can think of:
-sides with different ano
-kk bearing
-good grinds
-massive, huge, incredible, gargantuan, immense, and hefty rim weight
-an inwards curving body from the rims to the bearing
-a tight-ish bearing seat
-a shielded bearing
-replacement axles
Some kind of replaceable rim protecter, like that one yoyo with the interchangeable delrin rims (the Donut? Oh, and the NoΩstar)
-a rim protecter that is good for grinding
-packaging that comes with Hi-Chew

Can anyone think of any else?

I’ve tried 1/2a quite a few times. Every time the unbalanced weight just makes it turn in circles, making most tricks involving the yoyo virtually impossible. You seem to be pretty into it, so could you give me some tips on what you can do?

A tight bearing seat.

I know the best 1/2a yoyo the c3 BTH :wink:

Paul kerbal made a 1/2a video and did pretty well. He was using the MVP 2 I believe.


That’s why I wanted a huge amount of rim weight. The more stable it is, the slower it will rotate. Also, the closer the weight is to the center, the less downward leverage, so slower rotation. So, a small, stable yoyo would be best.

You want faster speeds to maintain stability.

You might want some system that holds the bearing in place, get still can let the unwanted half to pop off.

Hmmmm… A magnet? Some kind of axle with a disc around it? And maybe a spike at the end so it can be used as a spin top?