1/2 A

Ahhhhh 1/2 A… The most impressive, mind-blowing style, in my opinion. I’ve been experimenting with it for a while, and here’s what I have found:

Use a yoyo with different colored sides. When doing this style, there will always be a particular half you should grab. This side will always be on the right. If the side you should grab is on the left, bind it and try again.

Kk bearings work best.

The yoyo will spin at the bottom of its string, be ready.

The yoyo will not come back up, do this at the end of performances.

Oh, and loose bearings or spacers- bad.

i have no idea what your trying to explain? maybe make a video?

This is not a knock towards YoyoFactory (in fact, I would like to purchase one of their products) but, would using a YoyoFactory be good for 1/2A due to the tight bearing seat?

No, yyf yoyos work very well with 1/2 actually, cuz the bearing wont fall off so itll sleep longer, i can get it to sleep for like 30 seconds with my yyf ONE and Velocity, as your doing it, the yoyo stays pretty straight as well whch also helps

Love doin it, but always play over carpet or a bed when doing it.

Yes, axles and bearings like hiding in the grass.

This is the style where you grab a half of the yoyo which unscrews itself from the rest of the yoyo letting one half hang down. You can do basic string tricks and grinds. If you want to be fancy you can throw a UFO, land it withe the side you grab down, and the other side will pop up as it unscrews. You can then catch this side on your other hand and it will act like a spintop.

Be careful your axle doesn’t run away.

And use a shielded yoyo

I’d love to see the video of this, actually. Have heard about it so many times but never seen the real deal.

A video is so much less than the real thing.